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C++ operator T* - CSmartPtr
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operator T*()
operator T*() const
operator const T*() const
  Property Description  
    Returns A pointer to the underlying object held in the smart pointer  
    Description Cast operator, automatically casts the smart pointer to the type of object T.  
    Remarks automatically invoked when passing smart pointers to methods that take a non-smart pointer.  
class CElmSequence : ... { public: void SetBasicElement(ElmSequence::CBasicElement* value); ... }
try { // create an instance of the class to load the XML file into ElmSequence::CElmSequencePtr spElm = ElmSequence::CElmSequence::CreateInstance(); ElmSequence::CBasicElementPtr spBasElm = ElmSequence::CBasicElement::CreateInstance(); spElm->SetBasicElement(spBasElm); spElm->GetBasicElement()->SetStringElm(_T("Test Data")); } catch (CLtException& e) { // Note : exceptions are likely to contain inner exceptions // that provide further detail about the error, GetFullMessage // concatantes the messages from them all. _tprintf(_T("Error - %s\n"), e.GetFullMessage().c_str()); }