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Java XmlTextWriter
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com.liquid_technologies.ltxmllib17.XmlTextWriter Class
Base Classes:
Implemented interfaces:
  Members Description  
Adds a namespace delcaration to the first element in the XML document  
    setDefaultNamespace Defines the default namespace for the XML document  
    formatting Determines if the XML document will be formatted (easy to read)  
    writeAttributeString Adds a attribute  
    writeAttributeType Writes an attribute xsi:type="xxx"  
    writeComment Writes a comment into the XML document  
    writeEndDocument Writes and the end of document  
    writeEndElement Writes the end of an element (must be called for ever corresponding WriteStartElement)  
    writeHeaderDirective Writes a header directive (one that appears before the first element)  
    writeStartDocument Writes the start of the document  
    writeStartElement Wrtites the start of an element (must have an assosicated call to WriteEndElement)  
    writeString Writes a string into the XML document (padded)  
    XmlTextWriter Constructor