The XPath Expression Builder tool allows you to construct and view the results of your query as you type.

It attaches itself to the active XML Editor, so any XML panel in the environment can be queried.

The XPath Query Editor comes with Intellisense, which is intelligently taken from the content of the current XML document. The results of the XPath expression can then be seen in the active XML Editor.


  • XPath Intellisense (based on XML content)
  • View results within the editor
  • Attach to any XML document
  • Build XPath expression directly from the element
  • Changes to XPath or XML reflected in real time
  • Support for namespaces
  • Code Preview for C#, VB.Net, Java, VB & XSLT
  • View overlapping result sets
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions


The XPath expression can be evaluated against any XML Editor. Nodes matched by the expression are highlighted, and a tree of nodes is shown in the expression window. It is also possible to create an XPath expression from any node within an XML Document.

Namespaces used within the current XML Editor are automatically aliased for use in the XPath expression, but these can be changed added to or removed.

A code preview window shows how to execute the XPath expression in a variety of languages.

Visual Studio Extension

The XPath viewer also integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio, allowing you to run XPath queries in your standard application development environment.

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