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Product and Purchasing Information

For more information about making a purchase, please see the Purchasing FAQ and Licensing and Support FAQ.

For a detailed feature comparison, please see Liquid Studio - Compare Features and Liquid XML Data Binder - Compare Features

Common Questions

Do the licenses expire?

No. All licenses are perpetual and therefore never expire.

What are the support costs?

All licenses include a 1 year Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP) from the date of purchase.

USPP enables you to lower the total cost of ownership of our products over time by providing free upgrades and priority support via our Ticket System for the duration of the plan.

If your USPP has lapsed, you still have access to our online community resources and knowledge base.

You may optionally purchase an Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP) extension charged at 20% per annum (or 17% for 3+ years).

If your USPP lapses, product upgrades are then charged at 75% of the purchase price. We therefore highly recommend renewing USPP within 30 days of your annual renewal date.

Please also see the Licensing and Support FAQ for further details.

How can I get a quote?

Please add the items to your basket and click through the checkout process. On the final screen there is an option to 'Email Quote'.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, volume discounts apply automatically when you purchase 5, 10 or 20 licenses.

Do you offer discounts from competitor products?

We are happy to offer up to 50% discount for competitive upgrades.

Can I upgrade to the latest version?

If you have a current Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP) then you can upgrade to the latest version free of charge. If not, please contact our Sales Team for a quote.

How can I extend my Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP)?

You can extend support for existing licenses from the My Licenses section of your profile.

How can I make a purchase for someone else?

Please follow the instructions in the Purchasing FAQ.

Can I pay by purchase order?

If you are interested in purchasing large volumes of licenses or have a purchase order please contact our Sales Team.

Can I have a free license for educational purposes?

Recognized education establishments can request educational licenses to be used for student coursework by completing the educational use request form.