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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our End User License Agreement (EULA) for full terms and conditions.

Installed User License

The software can be installed on a single computer for each Installed User License purchased. Note: You may also install the single license in two places of work, e.g. Office and Home, provided the software will only be used by a single user.

Concurrent User License

The software can be installed on up to 10 computers for each Concurrent User License purchased, provided that the number of users using the software at any one time is never more than the number of Concurrent User Licenses purchased.

Installed User Single Site License

The software can be installed on up to 200 computers at a specified office location, usually this is a single postal address.

Installed User Custom Site License

The software can be installed on all required computers at all specified office locations. For further information, please contact our Sales Team.

The Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP) is provided in order to enable you to lower the total cost of ownership of our products over time, making it easy for you to benefit from our new developments and continued support.

USPP is available at an additional cost when you purchase a product, and enables us to continue to provide high quality software and support. Our XML products are under constant development, with new major releases provided on an annual basis. The majority of our users therefore find it beneficial to purchase USPP, so they have continuous access for the duration of the plan to the latest and best XML technology available.

Purchasing annual USPP provides you with free upgrades for major releases, as well as priority support via our Ticket System. Without USPP, you will be limited to making use of the Online Resources and Knowledge Base.

Yes, existing users can upgrade to a new version and will receive a 25% discount off the cost of the new Version. So for example if you had a Developer Edition 2014 licence and wished to move to Developer Edition 2016 you would get 25% discount off the price.

However by taking out USPP, charged at 20% per annum, you could upgrade to the latest release free of charge and receive priority email support. In this scenario, this would be a significantly cheaper option.

Support tickets can be submitted online by registered users for 30 days after purchase. Submit New Support Ticket.

Thereafter support is provided through the Online Resources and Knowledge Base.

An email is sent out to the registered user who purchased the USPP contract 30 days before it expires, reminding them that the renewal is due. Reminders are sent again 3 weeks later and on the expiry date.

Thereafter you have a grace period of 30 days in which to renew the USPP contract. If you fail to renew your USPP contract then you will no longer have access to upgrades or support, and will have to pay to upgrade your existing licenses should you want to use the latest version.

Note: The support contract allows you access to priority email support and free upgrades to new versions while your support contract is active.

If you have valid USPP, you can extend supportĀ for existing licenses from the My Licenses section of your profile. Scroll down the page to find the license you wish to extend and click 'Add to Cart'.

If you do not have valid USPP, please contact our Sales Team.

The renewal cost will be at the retail price prevalent for the Edition at the date of renewal. You can buy USPP contracts for up to 5 years which means that the price is fixed for the term of the contract.

You can upgrade between Editions of the same Version by paying the difference between the list price of the Edition and the price of the other Edition.

For example if you have Liquid Studio 2018 XML Editor Edition, then you may upgrade to the Liquid Studio 2018 Data Designer Edition by paying the price difference.

However if you had Liquid Studio 2016 Editor Edition and wanted to upgrade to Liquid Studio 2018 Data Designer Edition you could only do this if you had a current USPP contract in place.

>With no USPP contract in place you would have to upgrade to Liquid Studio 2018 Data Designer Edition first (25% discount off the list price) and then pay for the upgrade as above.

It is always recommended that you take out a USPP contract to ensure you can keep up to date and current at minimal cost.

XML Data Binder and Developer Bundle license holders can generate code using the XML Data Binder (Wizard or Command Line), compile the generated code into a binary form (a .dll or .so library component) and use the generated code along with the associated Liquid XML Runtime.

Designer Edition license holders can use the component provided to them by a XML Data Binder and Developer Bundle license holder along with the associated Liquid XML Runtime.

Editor Edition and XML Community Edition license holders may not use the generated code in anyway.

License Example 1

My C# development consists of 3 teams:
- 5 data tier developers writing data access components which include generated XML Data Binding code.
- 3 business tier developers writing business rules.
- 8 front end developers writing the user interface code.

Which licenses do I need?
- You would need 5 x XML Data Binder Edition license for the data tier C# team so they can design, code and test the data access components.
- You would also need 11 x Designer Edition licenses for the rest of the development team who make use of the data access components as part of the overall product.
You would then be able to distribute the data binding component and associated Liquid XML Runtime as part of the product to the end users Royalty Free.

License Example 2

I have 15 Developers, 5 of which work on Solaris and need to use the C++ code generated by the Liquid XML Product. They also need to re-compile the redistributable libraries for Solaris. The remaining 10 developers are using Windows, and need to use C++ code generated by the Liquid XML Product.

Which licenses do I need?
- You would need 5 XML Data Binder Licenses along with the source code option. This allow the Solaris developers to use the generated code and to license the source code for the redistributable. This is required to re-compile the runtimes on unsupported platforms (i.e. Solaris).
- A further 10 Developer License are required for the Windows team.
- Note: the Source Code option is priced individually according to user requirements.

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