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The JSON Editor makes it possible to easily view, edit, and validate JSON documents.

A rich text based editor provides syntax highlighting, well-formed validation, schema aware validation via JSON Schemas.


The JSON Editor provides validation to show if your JSON document is both well-formed and valid against associated JSON Schema.

Errors are shown inline within the JSON document and in the error window in real time as you type.

Outlining (Code Folding)

The JSON Editor allows elements within the JSON document to be collapsed, thus maximizing your working area to simplify editing large files.

Document Formatting

The JSON Editor provides a 'Format JSON' option which indents all the elements correctly, making the JSON document simple to read.

Syntax highlighting

The JSON Editor provides syntax highlighting which makes your JSON code easier to develop, allowing errors to be avoided.

File change notification

The user is notified when the file they are working on is changed by an external editor.

Spell Checking

Liquid JSON Studio contain a powerful SpellChecker. The SpellChecker highlights spelling mistakes inline in real time as you type, mistakes can then be corrected by clicking on them and selecting the correct spelling.

Associated Features and Tools

JSON Schema Editor

Visualize and edit an abstracted view of your JSON schema using an intuitive user interface, and validate your JSON Schema against the IETF standards. Includes split graphical and text views, syntax highlighting, drag and drop, copy and paste, and multi-step undo/redo.

Video Tutorials

VIEW TUTORIAL XML Schema Editor Overview

XML Schema Editor Overview

This video overview shows how to work in the graphical, text and split views, adding items, changing properties and updating documentation annotations.

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate a Sample XML Document

Generate a Sample XML Document

This video tutorial shows you how to create a sample XML document from an industry standard schema (Google Site Map).

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate HTML Documentation

Generate HTML Documentation

This video tutorial shows how to create HTML documentation for an XML Schema.


XML Data Binding

This video tutorial shows you how to generate strongly typed API source code from your XSD using the Liquid XML Data Binder.


XML Data Mapper

This video tutorial shows how to create a mapping transform, using the graphical drag and drop interface, to convert XML data of different XML Schema.

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