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Liquid Studio integrates smoothly into Microsoft Visual Studio allowing you to develop your XML and XSD applications within the familiar Visual Studio environment.

The Liquid Technologies Visual Studio Extensions include the graphical XSD Editor and WSDL Editor, along with Web Service and XPath Tools, and they take advantage of the common framework offered within Visual Studio, making use of the properties panel, error window, and find and replace dialogs.

Visual Studio 2017

Along with Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015, Liquid Studio now also supports integration with the new Visual Studio 2017 release.

Visual Studio Extension Features

  • Graphical XML Schema Editor to Visual Studio
  • Graphical WSDL Editor for Visual Studio
  • Adds an XPath Query Builder & Results Viewer to all XML Editors in Visual Studio
  • Adds the ability to make ad-hoc calls to Web Services
  • Use of standard Visual Studio Error Window
  • Use of standard Visual Studio Properties Window
  • Use of standard Visual Studio Find and Replace Windows
  • Integrates with Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017

XML Schema Editor

The XML Schema Editor can be used within Microsoft Visual Studio allowing providing the same rich editing environment you get from Liquid Studio. The standard Visual Studio properties windows are used to make it possible to view and edit the detailed properties on any item in the diagram ensuring a familiar environment for Visual Studio users.

Documentation Tool Window

View and edit the annotations (schema documentation) for the selected schema item.

These comments can then picked up by other tools, XML Editors, Validators, XSD generated documentation etc.

Global Component Locator Tool Window

This window shows all the root/global objects defined within the schema (and its children). Double clicking on an item takes you to the definition, even if its in another file.

Standard Tools

View and edit the annotations (schema documentation) for the selected schema item.

The extension includes all the normal features you have become used to in Visual Studio, integrated find & replace, cut & paste, drag & drop. As well as file change notifications, and printing etc.

WSDL Editor

The WSDL Visual Studio Extension allows WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 documents to be viewed and edited within a graphical or split view within Visual Studio. The editor makes user of the standard Visual Studio properties and tool windows, making the editor part of Visual Studio, not just a bolt on.

XPath Expression Builder

The XPath Expression builder is an additional tool window that binds to the active editor when the active document is XML. An XPath expression can be created within the builder, intellisense based on the content of the XML document simplifies this process.

The results of the XPath expression are then shown in the XML Editor. If the XML or the XPath expression changes, then the results are updated in real time.

Web Service Test Client

This tool allows you to browse a web service, select a web method, call the method and view the results.

Once a web method is selected, the tool automatically creates the SOAP envelope and generates a request message based on the description within the web service description (WSDL). You can then change this request, setting your own values.

The web request can then be saved, so it can be re-used later. This is very useful in a testing and development environment.

Video Tutorials

VIEW TUTORIAL XML Schema Editor Overview

XML Schema Editor Overview

This video overview shows how to work in the graphical, text and split views, adding items, changing properties and updating documentation annotations.

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate a Sample XML Document

Generate a Sample XML Document

This video tutorial shows you how to create a sample XML document from an industry standard schema (Google Site Map).

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate HTML Documentation

Generate HTML Documentation

This video tutorial shows how to create HTML documentation for an XML Schema.


XML Data Binding

This video tutorial shows you how to generate strongly typed API source code from your XSD using the Liquid XML Data Binder.


XML Data Mapper

This video tutorial shows how to create a mapping transform, using the graphical drag and drop interface, to convert XML data of different XML Schema.

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