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The XML Schema Editor abstracts away the complexities of XSD structure by providing an intuitive graphical drag and drop user interface.

The Graphical XML Schema Designer included in Liquid Studio massively simplifies visualizing, authoring and navigating complex XML Schemas. The Graphical XSD Editor provides an interactive logical view of the XML Schema enabling simple and intuitive editing and validation of the XSD, without compromising the ability to work with all the complexities of the W3C XML Schema standard.

Associated features and tools include:

  • XML Sample Builder
  • XSD Documentation Generation
  • XML Dependency Viewer
  • XSD Refactoring Tools
  • XML Code Generation using Liquid XML Data Binder

Ingenious Synchronized Editing

Logical, Physical and Source Views

For maximum flexibility the XML Schema can be viewed and edited in 3 ways.

  • Logical View - Simplifies and abstracts the complexities of the XSD standard presenting an editable view which is easy to understand without in depth knowledge of the XSD standard.
  • Physical View - A tree representation of the XML Schema, which maps exactly to the underlying source code.
  • Source View - The XML Source code for the XML Schema.

This Split Screen display ensures both source code and logical model are shown concurrently, making it easy to see what a given entity in the logical diagram represents. Changes in the logical model are reflected immediately in the source code view.

Being able to edit the logical view has huge advantages making it possible to quickly and reliably create or modify an XML Schema. This is a big improvement over many other XSD editors which only allow the physical view to be edited - not much better than just editing the raw XML code.

The Graphical XSD Editor allows a logical view of the XML Schema to be edited and viewed. Editing can be performed in-line on the diagram, via the properties window, or directly in the code.

The context menus and properties window are intelligently controlled, only allowing appropriate properties to be displayed and hence simplifying the task of a data designer. The diagram can also be scaled in order to focus on an small part, or get an overview of the overall structure.

Comprehensive Schema Validation

Support for XSD 1.0 and 1.1 Standards

The XML Schema Editor supports the W3C Standards for both the XSD 1.0 and new XSD 1.1 standards. The schema items are displayed graphically and can be edited and validated, including graphical representation for all the new XSD 1.1 constructs.

The Source View provides intellisense and contextual menus specific to the currently selected validation engine.

You can easily select the XSD Schema engine used to perform validation from the drop down box in the toolbar, currently the Microsoft (for 1.0 validation only) and Xerces (for 1.0 and 1.1 validation) XSD engines are supported.

Errors and warnings are reported via the Error Window in real time, clicking on an error selects the source of the error in the source and logical (graphical) views.

Familiar Windows Environment

The Graphical XML Schema Editor provides a fully featured environment with all the familiar windows features you would expect and more including:

  • Cut & Paste - Cut and Paste entities within the Code and model view
  • Drag & Drop - Move sections of the model around by dragging
  • Find & Replace - Search within the text and diagram, using advanced filters such as regular expressions, wild-cards, whole word, and match case
  • Multi Set Undo/Redo - Instant undo/redo for changes made in the model and the code
  • Printing - Print from both the graphical model and text source views. Scale the model to fit a on X by Y pages or scale by a fixed ratio
  • Zoom - Control the scaling and spacing within your XML Schema diagram

Visual Studio Integration

The Graphical XML Schema editor can also be fully integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, increasing productivity by allowing users to work in a consistent familiar environment.

Associated Features and Tools

Visualize and edit your XML data in a tree and tabular grid, and validate your XML document against an XML schema.Includes split graphical and text views, intellisense, syntax highlighting, spell checking, document outline, breadcrumb, drag and drop, copy and paste, and multi-step undo/redo.

Construct and evaluate XPath expressions for your selected XML document. Nodes matching the expression are highlighted within the document, and a tree of matching nodes is displayed in the expression window.

Create an XML document based on your XML schema(XSD) using a simple Wizard driven interface. Select the root node and the generator will create all the child elements and attributes, populating them with placeholder values.

Create an HTML or ASP.Net web site based on your XML schema(XSD) using a simple Wizard driven interface. The generated documentation contains the original schema data, diagrams, detailed properties, type hierarchy, and annotations, hyper-linked to allow simple site navigation.

The XML Spell Checker knows the difference between XML tags and data, elements, attributes and namespaces.The Spell Checker highlights spelling mistakes in-place in real time as you type, mistakes can then be corrected by clicking on them and selecting the correct spelling.

Video Tutorials

VIEW TUTORIAL XML Schema Editor Overview

XML Schema Editor Overview

This video overview shows how to work in the graphical, text and split views, adding items, changing properties and updating documentation annotations.

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate a Sample XML Document

Generate a Sample XML Document

This video tutorial shows you how to create a sample XML document from an industry standard schema (Google Site Map).

VIEW TUTORIAL Generate HTML Documentation

Generate HTML Documentation

This video tutorial shows how to create HTML documentation for an XML Schema.


XML Data Binding

This video tutorial shows you how to generate strongly typed API source code from your XSD using the Liquid XML Data Binder.


XML Data Mapper

This video tutorial shows how to create a mapping transform, using the graphical drag and drop interface, to convert XML data of different XML Schema.

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