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Liquid Studio’s XML Schema Editor makes XML Schema (XSD) development fast and efficient with its intuitive graphical interface.

The Graphical XML Schema Designer simplifies visualizing, authoring and navigating complex XML Schemas. The Graphical XSD Editor provides an interactive logical view of the XML Schema enabling intuitive editing, while retaining the ability to use all aspects of the W3C XML Schema standard.

  • XSD 1.0 & XSD 1.1 support
  • Choice of validators (.Net & Xerces)
  • Split View Editor
  • Rich Navigation Tools
  • (XML to XSD) and (XSD to XML)
  • XSD Refactoring Tools
  • XML Code Generation using Liquid XML Data Binder
  • Visual Studio Extensions

Simple, Powerful Graphical Editor

The Graphical XML Schema Editor presents an abstract representation of the schema data, showing the structure of the XML Schema (XSD) without the syntactic clutter. The resulting model is simple and intuitive, making it easy to understand and edit.

The graphical XSD model simplifies the presentation of the underlying XSD data, without compromising the ability to implement the full range of XSD 1.0 & 1.1 features, making it possible to view an edit the most complex XML Schema's using a simple graphical representation.

Split View Editing

The XML Schema Editor can be used in Split View Mode, which shows the XML Schema source code along side the graphical model. Changes to the model are instantly reflected in the code view, and changes to the code are reflected in the model when it is selected again.

XML Schema Split view (code/model)

Inline Editing

The graphical model can be edited directly, with acceptable values being listed where appropriate. Structural elements can be added using the right click context menus (or via the toolbar or keyboard shortcuts). All menus and toolbars are context sensitive, becoming disabled when they are not applicable to the selected model item.

Inline editing of an XSD

Property Grid

In order to keep the model view simple and uncluttered, not every property is shown. Properties are not displayed on the diagram if they have not been set, if they are advanced features, or if the value is denoted graphically in the model.

All these properties can be edited using the property grid. The property grid shows all the properties that are applicable for the selected item in the model, and can be viewed and edited in the properties window.

Editing XSD properties in the property grid

Tool Tips

Details of the selected item can be seen by hovering over the item. The tooltip provides detailed information about the item along with clickable links to associated types.

XML Schema Editor Tooltips

Find References

It is possible to locate all the references to a given type using the "Find References" menu item. This searches all the schemas in scope and displays the results in the "Find References Results window". The ability to quickly find all the uses of a given type also makes it possible to assess the impact that a proposed change may have.

XML Schema Editor Find References


The editor provides a rich selection of navigation aids, making it easy to find the specific parts of an XML schema are of interest.

  • Graphical Model - Shows an abstract graphical representation of the XML Schema, when the selected item in the model changes, the selection in the source view and document outline tree is kept in sync. Changes to the model are reflected instantly in the XML Source view.
  • Source View - The raw XML code representing the XML Schema. As the selection in the source view changes, the corresponding items are automatically selected in the graphical model and document outline tree. Changes to the source view are reflected in the Graphical model when it is re-selected.
  • Document Outline - A tree representing the underlying XML code in the source view, selections in the document outline view are mirrored in the Source View and Graphical Model.
  • Component Locator - A filterable list of all the root level items and schemas dependencies, provides quick access to global definitions.
  • Goto Definition - from an attribute/element in an XML instance document you navigate to the XSD definition.
  • Dependency Viewer - Shows the relationships between multiple schema files, all the includes/imports as a tree.

Document Generation

Generate rich HTML and PDF Documentation from your XML Schemas, the documentation contains clickable diagrams and collapsible regions making it quick and easy to navigate. Learn more...

XSD Documentation


The XML Schema Editor also comes with a host of tools to increase productivity.

  • XML to XSD - Infer a schema from sample XML data, an ideal starting point when you don't have an XSD schema.
  • XSD to XML - XML Sample Builder, creates a sample XML document from an XML Schema.
  • Refactoring Tools - Quickly refactor your XML Schema with a host of tools.
  • XPath Tools - Find items in the schema or XML file using XPath expressions.
  • Spell Checker - Find and fix spelling mistakes with our intelligent spell checker.

Comprehensive Schema Validation

Support for XSD 1.0 and 1.1 Standards

The XML Schema Editor supports the W3C Standards for both the XSD 1.0 and new XSD 1.1 standards. The schema items are displayed graphically and can be edited and validated, including graphical representation for all the new XSD 1.1 constructs.

The Source View provides intellisense and contextual menus specific to the currently selected validation engine.

XSD Validation

You can easily select the engine used to perform XSD validation from the drop down box in the toolbar, currently the Microsoft (for 1.0 validation only) and Xerces (for 1.0 and 1.1 validation) XSD engines are supported.

Errors and warnings are reported via the Error Window in real time, clicking on an error selects the source of the error in the source and logical (graphical) views.

Familiar Windows Environment

The Graphical XML Schema Editor provides a fully featured environment with all the familiar windows features you would expect and more including:

  • Cut & Paste - Cut and Paste entities within the Code and model view
  • Drag & Drop - Move sections of the model around by dragging
  • Find & Replace - Search within the text and diagram, using advanced filters such as regular expressions, wild-cards, whole word, and match case
  • Multi Set Undo/Redo - Instant undo/redo for changes made in the model and the code
  • Printing - Print from both the graphical model and text source views. Scale the model to fit a on X by Y pages or scale by a fixed ratio
  • Zoom - Control the scaling and spacing within your XML Schema diagram

Visual Studio Extensions

XML Schema Editor for Visual Studio

The Graphical XSD Editor can also be fully integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, increasing productivity by allowing users to work in a consistent familiar environment.


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