Competitive Upgrade Discount

Trade in your existing XML tools licenses and save up to 50%

We appreciate spending money twice is unappealing, so we are happy to offer you up to 50% discount off the standard price of Liquid Studio when you choose to upgrade from a competing XML Toolkit or IDE, which offers broadly the same functionality as Liquid Studio.

Simply contact our Sales Team with the following information:

  • Number of licenses of each Edition of Liquid Studio you wish to purchase.
  • Details of the competing product you wish to trade-in i.e. product name, edition, version and number of licenses.

The level of discount we can offer you, will depend on which product you are trading in, the price you paid for it, when you bought it and whether the version you have is still current. We will then let you know the level of discount applicable.

Note: Proof of purchase (e.g. copy Invoice) will need to be emailed to us before you can make your purchase.

Qualifying competitor products include Altova XML Spy, Stylus Studio and Oxygen XML.