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In This Topic
    Liquid XML Runtime for .Net - Class Constructor LtException
    In This Topic
    This feature has been superseded by Liquid XML Objects.
    (The original functionality is still included in the product)
    Use Liquid XML Objects

    LtException(string message)
    LtException(string message, Exception innerException)

    LtValidationException(string message)
    LtValidationException(string message, Exception innerException)

    LtInvalidValueException(string message)
    LtInvalidValueException(string message, Exception innerException)

    LtInvalidNamespaceException(string message)
    LtInvalidNamespaceException(string message, Exception innerException)

    LtInvalidStateException(string message)
    LtInvalidStateException(string message, Exception innerException)

    LtInvalidParamException(string message)
    LtInvalidParamException(string message, Exception innerException)

      Property Description  
        Argument - message Sets the message into the exception.  
        Argument - innerException Sets an inner exception. The inner exception provides additional detail, see example catch block in remarks below.  
        Description Creates a new exception ready for throwing.  
            throw new LtException("Some Error");
    catch (LtException e)
            string errText = "Error - \n";
            // Note : exceptions are likely to contain inner exceptions
            // that provide further detail about the error.
            while (ex != null)
                    errText += ex.Message + "\n";
                    ex = ex.InnerException;
            MessageBox.Show(this, errText, Application.ProductName, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);