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    Liquid XML Runtime for .Net - Support
    In This Topic

    The Liquid XML Runtime for .Net XMLCollectionBase fires events whenever items are added or removed from the collection. The following code, when added to the Price Enquiry Sample, shows how to catch these events and the sequence that they are fired.

    private static void SimpleTestQuoteRequest()
        PriceEnquirySampleLib.QuoteRequest elm = new PriceEnquirySampleLib.QuoteRequest();
        // set up events
        elm.Item.OnCollectionAdd += new XmlCollectionBase.OnCollectionAddEvent(OnAdd);
        elm.Item.OnCollectionAddComplete += new XmlCollectionBase.OnCollectionAddCompleteEvent(OnAddComplete);
        elm.Item.OnCollectionRemove += new XmlCollectionBase.OnCollectionRemoveEvent(OnRemove);
        elm.Item.OnCollectionRemoveComplete += new XmlCollectionBase.OnCollectionRemoveCompleteEvent(OnRemoveComplete);
        elm.Item.OnCollectionChange += new XmlCollectionBase.OnCollectionChangeEvent(OnChange);
        // Add a new item to collection
        PriceEnquirySampleLib.Item i = elm.Item.Add();
        // Remove the new item from collection
    static void OnAdd(object o, XmlCollectionAddEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("OnAdd() Items: " + ((XmlCollectionBase)o).Count);
    static void OnAddComplete(object o, XmlCollectionAddEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("OnAddComplete() Items: " + ((XmlCollectionBase)o).Count);
    static void OnRemove(object o, XmlCollectionRemoveEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("OnRemove() Items: " + ((XmlCollectionBase)o).Count);
    static void OnRemoveComplete(object o, XmlCollectionRemoveEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("OnRemoveComplete() Items: " + ((XmlCollectionBase)o).Count);
    static void OnChange(object o, EventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine("OnChange() Items: " + ((XmlCollectionBase)o).Count);

    The Output from these event methods is:

    OnAdd() Items: 0
    OnAddComplete() Items: 1
    OnChange() Items: 1
    OnRemove() Items: 1
    OnRemoveComplete() Items: 0
    OnChange() Items: 0

    The XmlCollectionAddEventArgs provides the property 'item' providing the newly added item and the XmlCollectionRemoveEventArgs provides the property 'index' to specify the position at which the item was removed.