Liquid XML Data Binder 2020
C++ GetFullMessage
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std::tstring GetFullMessage() const;
  Property Description  
    Returns The full message from the exception.  
    Description Gets the error message stored against the excetpion  
    Remarks This function will get the error meesage from this exception, and recurse through all the child exceptions (inner exceptions) appending error messages from them.  
    Example try
    // create an instance of the class to load the XML file into
    ElmSequence::CElmSequencePtr spElm = ElmSequence::CElmSequence::CreateInstance();
    ElmSequence::CBasicElementPtr spBasElm = ElmSequence::CBasicElement::CreateInstance();

    spElm->GetBasicElement()->SetStringElm(_T("Test Data"));
catch (CLtException& e)
    // Note : exceptions are likely to contain inner exceptions
    // that provide further detail about the error, GetFullMessage
    // concatantes the messages from them all.
    _tprintf(_T("Error - %s\n"), e.GetFullMessage().c_str());