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    C++ LtXmlLib20::CLtException
    In This Topic
    LtXmlLib20::CLtException Class
    The base class for all exceptions

    Base Classes:
    Implemented interfaces:
      Members Description  
        CLtException Constructor for CLtException  
        GetFullMessage Gets the full message (including messages from nested/inner exceptions)  
        GetInnerException Gets the inner exception (may be NULL)  
        GetMessage Gets the message from this exception (ignores data in inner exceptions).  
        operator= Makes a copy of the exception  


    The exception must be caught by reference.
    There is oftern an inner exception within the CLtException, so check or use GetFullMessage to get the text for nested excetpion.

        // create an instance of the class to load the XML file into
        ElmSequence::CElmSequencePtr spElm = ElmSequence::CElmSequence::CreateInstance();
        ElmSequence::CBasicElementPtr spBasElm = ElmSequence::CBasicElement::CreateInstance();

    catch (CLtException& e)
        // Note : exceptions are likely to contain inner exceptions
        // that provide further detail about the error, GetFullMessage
        // concatantes the messages from them all.
        _tprintf(_T("Error - %s\n"), e.GetFullMessage().c_str());