Liquid XML Data Binder 2020
C++ Class Constructor CLtException
Liquid XML Data Binder (C++, Java, VB6) > Reference > C++ > Reference > CLtException > C++ Class Constructor CLtException
CLtException(std::tstring message);
CLtException(std::tstring message, const CLtException& innerException);
CLtException(const CLtException& src);
  Property Description  
    Argument - message Sets the message into the exception.  
    Argument - innerException Sets an inner exception. The inner exception provides additional detail.  
    Description Creates a new exception ready for throwing.  
    Remarks Exceptions should be thrown by value, and caught by reference.
        throw CLtException(_T("Some Error"));
catch (CLtException& e)
        std::tstring strMessage = e.GetFullMessage();