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VB6 Primitive Collection Class
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Primitive Collection Class
A collection of Primitive Types.

Collection Class Contained type
base64BinaryCol BinaryData
booleanCol Boolean
dateCol DateTime
datetimeCol DateTime
dayCol DateTime
durationCol DateTimeSpan
hexBinaryCol BinaryData
i1Col Integer
i2Col Integer
i4Col Long
i8Col Long
monthCol XmlDateTime
monthDayCol XmlDateTime
r4Col Single
r8Col Double
stringCol String
timeCol XmlDateTime
ui1Col Byte
ui2Col Long
ui4Col Long
ui8Col Long
yearCol DateTime
yearMonthCol DateTime

Base Classes:
Implemented interfaces:
  Members Description  
    Add Adds a new item to the collection  
    Clear Removes all items from the collections  
    Count The number of items in the collection  
    Item Gets an item in the collection  
    Remove Removes an item from the collection  
    OnCollectionChange Fired just before a new item is added to the collection