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CBigInteger operator+(CBigInteger const& roLN) const;
CBigInteger operator-(CBigInteger const& roLN) const;
CBigInteger operator*(CBigInteger const& roLN) const;
CBigInteger operator/(CBigInteger const& roLN) const;
CBigInteger operator%(CBigInteger const& roLN) const;
CBigInteger& operator+=(CBigInteger const& roLN);
CBigInteger& operator-=(CBigInteger const& roLN);
CBigInteger& operator*=(CBigInteger const& roLN);
CBigInteger& operator/=(CBigInteger const& roLN);
CBigInteger& operator%=(CBigInteger const& roLN);
  Property Description  
    Method Name    
    Argument - roLN The other half of the expression  
    Description Allows operators to be used against a BigInteger object  
    Returns Returns the result of the operation  
    Remarks These operations are not supported. They have been tested and to the best of our knowledge are correct, but large integer & decimal arithmetic is a specialized area, and outside the scope of this product.  

CBigInteger biA(55);
CBigInteger biB(45);
CBigInteger biResult;

biResult = biA + biB;
biResult = biA - biB;
biResult = biA / biB;
biResult = biA * biB;
biResult = biA % biB; // returns the remainder

// inplace operations
biA += biB;
biA -= biB;
biA /= biB;
biA *= biB;
biA %= biB;