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This feature has been superseded by Liquid XML Objects.
(The original functionality is still included in the product)
Use Liquid XML Objects
public event SerializationErrorEvent SerializationError;
  Property Description  
    Event Name SerializationError  

public delegate void SerializationErrorEvent(object sender, SerializationErrorEventArgs args);

public class SerializationErrorEventArgs : EventArgs
    public SerializationErrorType Error { get; }
    public string ElementName { get; }
    public string AttributeName { get; }
    public bool IgnoreError { get; set; }

    Description Fired when an error occurs during serialization.  
    Remarks This event allows you to capture errors during the serialization process.

If other attributes have been set such as IgnoreUnknownElements then the property 'IgnoreError' will be pre-set to that value.
Setting the 'IgnoreError' will then override any preset value to give you complete control over the error process.

The Property'Error' is provides the type of error raised: InvalidCollectionCount, MissingChoice, MissingMandatoryElement, UnknownAttribute, or UnknownElement.