Liquid XML Data Binder 2020
Bookstore Sample App
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Things to look at:

The XSD file used in this sample

The is a simple viewer that allows you to look at the hierarchy of objects that have been generated by the XML Data Binding Wizard. The viewer shows all the properties of the objects, and allows you to view the XML generated from individual objects within the document. You can also change the document by right licking on elements.

The help file generated along with the data binding libraries (requires the XmlDataBinder.chm file to be in the same directory for all the links to work correctly).

The sample initially loaded by the SampleApp.

The mapping files, this allows you to change the names of the generated classes, and property/method names within the each class. There is a UI for editing this that is part of the wizard.

BookStore.xsd.Output directory
The source and documentation generated by the XML Data Binding Wizard.

Class Structure