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    .Net IgnoreMissingMandatoryElements - SerializationContext
    In This Topic
    This feature has been superseded by Liquid XML Objects.
    (The original functionality is still included in the product)
    Use Liquid XML Objects
    bool IgnoreMissingMandatoryElements
      Property Description  
        Property Name IgnoreMissingMandatoryElements  
        Property Type bool  
        Accessors Read/Write  
        Description Causes the parser to ignore mandatory elements that are missing in the XML document.  

    This is mutually exclusive with IgnoreUnknownElements as you can either ignore what is missing or what is extra, but not both.
    E.g. expect A B C D
    With IgnoreMissingMandatoryElements you can ignore a missing B, i.e. A C D
    With IgnoreUnknownElements you can ignore an unknown C i.e. A C B C D
    But with both set, you cannot process A C D as you don't now know if you have a missing B or if C is an unknown element without looking ahead. I.e. it could be A C D or A C B C D.