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    Java LtException
    In This Topic
    LtException Class
    Base class for all exceptions thrown from within the LtXmlLib framework.

    Base Classes: System.Exception
    Subtype Classes:
      Class Name Description  
        LtValidationException Thrown during validation of XML. E.g. FromXml raises an LtValidationException if the XML is invalid

        LtInvalidValueException Thrown when an invalid value is been set. E.g XmlObjectBase.CheckRestrictionForString raises an LtInvalidValueException if the value being set is invalid

        LtInvalidNamespaceException Thrown if an invalid namespace is specified for an Element in the XML. E.g. Element constructor raises an LtInvalidNamespaceException if an invalid namespace is used.

        LtInvalidStateException Thrown if a value is set that does not conform to the schema. E.g. If a Choice has multiple values set at the same time.  
        LtInvalidParamException Thrown whenever an invalid parameter is used. E.g. XmlCollectionBase.Remove raises an LtInvalidParamException if the index parameter is out of range of valid item in the collection.