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This feature has been superseded by Liquid XML Objects.
(The original functionality is still included in the product)
Use Liquid XML Objects
string ToString()
string ToString(string format)
  Property Description  
    Argument format format specifies the strings format (Default is "s")  
    Description Returns a std::string representation of this CDateTime.  
    Remarks Supported formats are:

"s" = XML Schema depending on curremnt type:
dateTime comprises [-]CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.fffffff][[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
date comprises [-]CCYY-MM-DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gDay comprises ---DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gMonth comprises --MM[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gYear comprises [-]CCYY[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gMonthDay comprises --MM-DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gYearMonth comprises [-]CCYY-MM[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
time comprises hh:mm:ss[.fffffff][[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]