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    How Do I Add Root Level Attributes?
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    It is sometimes necessary to add additional attributes to the root element, a good example is the schemaLocation attribute which indicates where the schema that validates the document can be found.


    The code below demonstrates how to insert the schemaLocation item into the root element

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <purchaseReport xmlns=""                 xmlns:xsi=""                 xsi:schemaLocation="       ">         ... </purchaseReport>

    Sample Code


    CLtXmlLib20::CSerializationContext::GetDefaultContext() .GetAdditionalRootAttributes()->Add( _T("schemaLocation"), _T(""), _T(""));


    using LiquidTechnologies.Runtime.Net40; ... SerializationContext.Default.AdditionalRootAttributes.Add( "schemaLocation", "", "");


    import com.liquid_technologies.ltxmllib20; ... SerializationContext.Default.getAdditionalRootAttributes.add( "schemaLocation", "", "");

      Visual Basic

    LtXmlComLib20.DefaultXmlSerializationContext.AdditionalRootAttributes.AddNewEx _ "schemaLocation", _ "", _ ""



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    Article Created 7/2/2006
    Versions Liquid XML 2005 (4.1.0) and greater
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