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VB6 LtXmlComLib17.DateTimeSpan
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DateTimeSpan Class
A primitive type to a represent a duration as defined by the XML w3c

Base Classes:
Implemented interfaces:
  Members Description  
    Clear Empties the duration down to 0 time  
    Clone Makes a copy of the DateTimeSpan  
    Days Get/Sets the number of Days in the timespan  
    Equals Compares this DateTimeSpan with another  
    Hours Get/Sets the number of Hours in the timespan  
    IsNegative Indicates if the current time span as a negative  
    MicroSeconds Get/Sets the number of Micro Seconds in the timespan  
    MilliSeconds Get/Sets the number of Milli Seconds in the timespan  
    Minutes Get/Sets the number of Minutes in the timespan  
    Months Get/Sets the number of Months in the timespan  
    NanoSeconds Get/Sets the number of Nano Seconds in the timespan  
    Negate Toggles the sign on the timespan  
    Normalize Redistributes the values across the properties  
    ParseXSDDuration Populates this DateTimeSpan with the value specified as a valid XML duration ([-]P[nY][nM][nD][T[nH][nM][nS.ff]]).  
    Seconds Get/Sets the number of Seconds in the timespan  
    SetDateTimeSpan Populates this DateTimeSpan.  
    ToString Returns a std::string representation of this DateTimeSpan ([-]P[nY][nM][nD][T[nH][nM][nS.ff]]).  
    Years Get/Sets the number of Years in the timespan