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    Java getType - DateTime
    In This Topic
    public DateTimeType getType()
      Property Description  
        Returns The type of the date time stored  
        Description Gets the type of this DateTime.  

    The type effects which methods will throw a LtInvalidStateException.
    e.g. You cannot call getYear() if the type is not date, dateTime, gYear or gYearMonth as no Year element is available.
    public final class DateTimeType implements
        public static DateTimeType yearZero = new DateTimeType(YEAR_ZERO);
        public static DateTimeType dateTime = new DateTimeType(DATE_TIME);
        public static DateTimeType date = new DateTimeType(DATE);
        public static DateTimeType gYearMonth = new DateTimeType(G_YEAR_MONTH);
        public static DateTimeType gYear = new DateTimeType(G_YEAR);
        public static DateTimeType time = new DateTimeType(TIME);
        public static DateTimeType gDay = new DateTimeType(G_DAY);
        public static DateTimeType gMonth = new DateTimeType(G_MONTH);
        public static DateTimeType gMonthDay = new DateTimeType(G_MONTH_DAY);

        public String toString();