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Java getType - DateTime
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public DateTimeType getType()
  Property Description  
    Returns The type of the date time stored  
    Description Gets the type of this DateTime.  

The type effects which methods will throw a LtInvalidStateException.
e.g. You cannot call getYear() if the type is not date, dateTime, gYear or gYearMonth as no Year element is available.
public final class DateTimeType implements
    public static DateTimeType yearZero = new DateTimeType(YEAR_ZERO);
    public static DateTimeType dateTime = new DateTimeType(DATE_TIME);
    public static DateTimeType date = new DateTimeType(DATE);
    public static DateTimeType gYearMonth = new DateTimeType(G_YEAR_MONTH);
    public static DateTimeType gYear = new DateTimeType(G_YEAR);
    public static DateTimeType time = new DateTimeType(TIME);
    public static DateTimeType gDay = new DateTimeType(G_DAY);
    public static DateTimeType gMonth = new DateTimeType(G_MONTH);
    public static DateTimeType gMonthDay = new DateTimeType(G_MONTH_DAY);

    public String toString();