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In This Topic
    C++ operator[] - Decimal
    In This Topic
    Sub Add(pBigInt As Decimal)
    Sub Divide(pBigInt As Decimal)
    Sub Multiply(pBigInt As Decimal)
    Sub Subtract(pBigInt As Decimal)
      Property Description  
        Method Name    
        Argument - pBI The other Decimal to compare this one toof the expression  
        Description Allows maths functions to be applied to a Decimal object  
        Remarks These operations are not supported. They have been tested and to the best of our knowledge are correct, but large integer & decimal arithmetic is a specialized area, and outside the scope of this product.  

    Dim biA as new Decimal
    Dim biB as new Decimal

    biA.FromLong 55
    biB.FromLong 45

    biA.Add biB
    biA.Subtract biB
    biA.Multiply biB
    biA.Divide biB