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Creates a set of VB.Net classes to serialize XML data.


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XML Schema (XSD)

For code generation options please download the full version of Liquid XML Data Binder
Output namespace
Generate unprocessed node handlers
Generate a common base class
Write default values for optional attributes
Write default values for optional elements
Write source location comments
Generation model


The generated code is dependant on the Nuget 'LiquidTechnologies.XmlObjects.Runtime'
IMPORTANT: The Nuget version must be , i.e. it must match the version shown in the LxRuntimeRequirements object within the code.

Getting started

The generated objects are serialized via the LxSerializer objects, see the quick start guide.
LxSerializer<BookstoreElm> serializer = new LxSerializer<BookstoreElm>();
BookstoreElm bookstore = serializer.Deserialize(@"..\..\BookstoreSample.xml");
serializer.Serialize(@"..\..\UpdatedBookstoreSample.xml", bookstore);


The schema is to large to be generated using the Free Community Edition.

The code has been generated using a sample/evaluation license which is time limited.

To use this code commercially please purchase a license for Liquid XML Data Binder

Generated VB.Net Code


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