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The Liquid XML Data Binder Runtime C++ Source Code gives you full control for building and running the generated code on your chosen Hardware / Operating System / Compiler configuration.

Liquid XML Data Binder provides Liquid C++ Runtimes binary files using common build options on Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows platforms (x86 and x64) and GNU g++ for Linux platforms (x86 and x64) out of the box.

However, some C++ development projects require different combinations of compiler, compiler settings, 3rd party libraries and target platform. It would be impractical to release binaries for every permutation, so we instead provide the C++ source code for the Liquid C++ Runtime common libraries. This allows them to be compiled to suit the compiler, linking conventions, and 3rd party libraries of your choice.

Supported Platforms

The code is vanilla C++ and should work without modification on most platforms. The C++ Runtime library relies on 3rd party software Expat, PCRE (optional) and zlib (optional) which are pre-installed or available on most platforms. The XML parser is called Expat, this must compile on your target platform. We also utilise PCRE for regular expressions and zlib for compression, but these are optional and can be omitted from the build using command line parameters.

The generated library footprint and performance is very dependent on your specific schema. We always recommend testing on a supported platform (i.e. Windows or Linux) to test these non-functional requirements before purchasing the source code license. Especially for use on embedded systems or mobile devices.

We have customers who are using Liquid XML Data Binder generated code with the Borland C++ complier, and on Unix platforms such as Solaris, HP-UX and embedded systems.


Pricing is on a per project basis. Please contact our Sales Team for a quote. Please note you must own XML Data Binder or Developer Bundle licenses to generate the XML Data Binding source code.

License Agreement

Please take time to look at the C++ Source Code EULA (End User Licence Agreement).

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