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Open and Edit Huge Files

Liquid Large File Editor has no problem with Gigabyte, Terabyte, or even Petabyte files, all opened instantly.

The Editor is FREE and is include with within Liquid XML Studio XML Community Edition.

Support for Huge files

No limit to the size of the file that can be opened and edited, and its instant!

Unlimited cut and paste

Because clipboard operations are performed as block operations, cutting and pasting GB's of data within a file is instant with practically no memory overhead.


The editor supports multi step undo and redo actions.


The Large File Editor is built into Liquid XML Studio, but also comes as a stand alone application.

XML Validation

XML files loaded into the Large File editor can be validated to ensure they are well formed or validated against a DTD or XML schema.

XML Formatting

XML files can be re-formatted using the Large File Editor, this is particularly useful when an XML document is supplied as a single line of XML data.

Like what you see? Its Free with Liquid Community Edition Download it Now.

The Large File Editor

The editor comes as a light weight stand-alone application with minimal dependencies (.Net 4.0), ideal for distributing or white-labelling, contact us if your interested in incorporating the Large File Editor into your product. It is also built into Liquid XML Studio XML Community Edition (Free), the large file editor is only used when documents exceeds a user defined threshold.

Technical Details

The editor just reads the area of the file being displayed, this makes it fast, light weight, and still able to open huge files instantly.
When a document is edited, the change is recorded as a delta against the original file.
The multi-step undo buffer allows these deltas to be wound back meaning the undo/redo functionality is also memory efficient and fast.
Clipboard operations, are dealt with as block operations. This means only the data describing the action is stored, i.e. a block has been copied from position x to y. As a result is very little data is stored and performance is not compromised, in fact you can paste GB's of data instantly.
For more information see large file editor, and working with large files within Liquid XML Studio.

Need a large file support in your product suite?

Discuss the possibilities: Distribution, White-Labelling, Integration

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