What's New for 2017?

Liquid Technologies have announced the availability of Liquid Studio 2017 and Liquid XML Data Binder 2017, providing many new features and enhancements plus general performance and stability improvements.

The new release extends and improves on the existing functionality by introducing other new tools and technologies that our users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid Studio the best value XML development environment available.

NEW 64 bit Support

All Liquid Studio tools, Liquid XML Diff, Large File Editor, Liquid Data Mapper, and Liquid XML Data Binder now run natively under 64 bit processor environments providing improved performance and memory management.

The Liquid Studio Installer now intelligently installs on 32 bit and 64 bit systems meaning only one installation file is required for all environments.

Liquid Studio Features

NEW RESTful Web Service Testing

Liquid Studio Web Service Test Client now supports calling RESTful Web Services using WADL or User Defined Web Service calls, along with the existing WSDL/SOAP based functionality. REST (Representational state transfer) Web Services are popular for building lightweight Web Services usually based on simple HTTP GET and POST protocols.

NEW XSD Find References Tool

Liquid Studio Graphical XSD Editor now includes a Find References Tool which searches for all references to the selected schema item and displays a tree of results.

Liquid Data Mapper Features

The Liquid Data Mapper has been significantly improved with performance and usability enhancements and now provides support for XML, JSON, EDI, Database, Web Service, CSV and Fixed length text data sources and data targets.

NEW EDI Source and Target Components

Liquid Data Mapper now provides support for the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standard. Although this technology has been around for a long time, EDI is still one of the most predominately used data formats especially in legacy computer systems. Liquid Data Mapper provides support for reading and writing documents defined by the EDIFACT and X12 Standards. This allows you to map EDI data between different versions and formats, transform your EDI data into XML, or store it in as fields in a Database.

NEW JSON Source and Target Components

Liquid Data Mapper now provides support for reading and writing JSON files. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, the new JSON Source and Target components work in the same way as the XML Source and Targets but are specific to using JSON data.

NEW Database Target Component

Liquid Data Mapper now provides support for writing to Databases. Previous versions of the Liquid Data Mapper provided a Database Source to read data from a Database, and we have now added a Database Target component to provide the ability to write your data into Database fields.

NEW RESTful Web Service Component

Liquid Data Mapper now provides support for calling RESTful Web Services. Previous versions of the Liquid Data Mapper provided the ability to call a WSDL defined Web Service, and we have now added the ability to call WADL defined Web Services as well as User Defined Web Service calls.

Liquid XML Data Binder Features

NEW .Net Portable Class Library Support

Liquid XML Data Binder now support generating C# source code for Xamarin iOS and Android and C# and VB.Net source code for Silverlight 5 as a Portable Class Library. A single Portable Class Library .Net Runtime is provided which works for all of these environments.

NEW .Net Core Support

Liquid XML Data Binder now support generating C# source code for .Net Core. A Nuget package is available containing the Liquid .Net Runtime library for .Net Core environment.

Fixes and Improvements

Liquid Studio and XML Editors
  • Added WADL text editor.
  • Added RelaxNG text editor.
  • Added XML Grid Editor to Web Service Test Client for improved data entry.
  • Fixed validation rules for what can go into an xs:all using XSD 1.1 in XSD Editor.
  • Performance enhancements when dealing with missing references in XSD Editor.
  • xsi:type is now supported in Intellisense in XML Editor.
  • Improved generated XSLT code in XPath Browser.
  • Added UTF-8 support to Large File Editor.
  • Added option to ignore errors in Sample XML Builder.
  • Fixed issues with Editing embedded XML Schema in WSDL Editor.
  • Fixed JSON Schema issue handling invalid URLs.
  • Fixed issue in Find/Replace dialog with Bookmark All.
  • Added Option to use Online Help instead of installed help files.
Liquid Data Mapper
  • Improved Database Reader in Data Mapper.
  • Performance enhancements in Data Mapper view.
  • Added recursive connection option in Data Mapper.
  • Added output formatting options in Data Mapper targets.
  • Data Mapper improvements to debugger for step through debugging, break points, and tracking variables on diagram.
Liquid XML Data Binder
  • Added SerializationError event to XML Data Binder .Net Runtime in order to trap and ignore errors.
  • Improved XML Data Binder C++ support for Linux 64 bit with new runtimes (gcc 4.9.4, 5.4.0, 6.2.0).
  • Fixed encoding buffer overrun issue in XML Data Binder C++ Runtime.

General Improvements

Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by our users.