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Generate Documentation

Uses your XML Schema to create a sample XML document. The document is a good starting point for writing your own documents or producing test data.

See Creating a Sample XML Document

Create Sample XML Document

Creates an XML document based on the schema See Creating Sample XML Files.

Validate Schema

Performs validation on the currently selected XSD Schema.
Any errors or warnings are reported in the Error Window.

Generate Code

Generates a class library from the XSD Schema. The resulting class library makes manipulating XML documents much simpler in C++, C#, VB6, VB.Net or Java.
In order for this to work correctly the XSD Code Generator plug-in must be installed. If it is not the a browser will be opened showing where it can be downloaded from.
See XML Code Generation

Browse Web Service

Allows you to make calls to a web service

See Web Service Browser


Allows the user to configure Liquid XML Studio.

See General Options

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