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XML Editor Intellisense Options
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Enable Intellisense

When checked, intellisense is turned on within the XML Editor

Auto suggest attributes

When checked, attributes are included in the intellisense suggestions

Attribute Suggestion

Auto suggest attribute values

When checked, attributes values are included in the intellisense suggestions. Only enumeration values are include in the options.

Auto suggest element values

When checked, element values are included in the intellisense suggestions. Only enumeration values are include in the options.

Add <complexType>'s to element suggestions

When checked, element values are included along with all the complexType variants that are also allowed in the context.

If a complex type suggestions options are selected the xsi:type attribute is also added which identifies the complex type selected.

Expand <any> tags in element suggestions

When check this will expand and <any> elements in the XSD using all the schema currently loaded into the XSD Schema cache for the given document.

This can potentially provide 1000's of suggestions and affect performance when large schemas are used, so limiting the number of suggestions is advisable (see the Max.Suggestions property).

Add closing </element> tags element suggestions

Automatically creates the end element tag when a start element tag is completed, i.e. when the closing > tag is typed in <MyElement>, then the closing tag is added giving <MyElement></MyElement>

Max. suggestions

This is the maximum number of suggestions that will be offered in the drop down. If more options are available then they are not shown. When working with large schemas this setting can limit the results, but can prevent long delays when typing.

Auto complete elements

When checked pressing Ctrl-Space will auto complete the current element if a single option is available, i.e.


Pressing Ctrl-Space after the 'e' will complete the element giving


If there are more than one option, then the intellisense suggestion box opens at the appropriate place.

Auto complete element end tags

When checked, the current element is automatically closed when </ is typed.

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