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    XSD Graphical Editor Options
    In This Topic

    Show Tooltips

    Allows the XSD Diagram tooltips to be disabled.

    When tooltips are enabled hovering over any XSD element in the XSD diagram will show a tooltip.

    Show Notes

    Includes the "Notes" section within the tooltip.

    Show Derived Items

    Includes the "Derived Types" section within the tooltip.

    When working with large schemas this can take a while to calculate, and slow down the showing of the tooltip

    Always show the item cardinality on the diagram

    If this is checked then the cardinality of an XSD diagram node is always displayed.

    If this is not checked, then the cardinality is only displayed if the minOccurs or maxOccurs attributes are present in an XSD node.

    Show default cardinality in braces

    When this option is checked, then any cardinality values that are not present (and thus taken from the default value) are shown in [].


    Show Inline Properties

    Shows the properties that apply to the item inline within it

    Show Inline Annotations

    Shows the items annotations inline (Show Inline Properties must be checked for this to have any effect)


    Sets the font used in the XSD diagram


    Show settings dialog when creating XML sample from an element

    If this is checked, then when a sample XML file is created from the right click context menu a dialog is displayed with the sample generation settings.

    If this is not checked the dialog is not shown and default options are used (this is handy for fast visualization of how an element will look).

    Open imported schema when wizard completes

     When an external schema is imported/included using the import wizard. This setting determines if it will be opened as soon as it's been added to the current schema

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