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Graphical Representation


The Binding element contains binding definitions for binding a protocol such as SOAP or HTTP to a Port Type via the 'type' attribute in the WSDL.


A Binding can be added as a root level item. This can be done using the right click context menu.


Name - The name of the Binding, used in the 'binding' attribute of Port.
Port Type - The Port Type to bind against.
Protocol - The protocol extension to bind. Supported extensions are: HTTP GET, HTTP POST, SOAP and SOAP 1.2.
Required - Indicates whether the Extension is necessary for the action to which it refers.

SOAP Extension Properties

Style - Specifies the type of SOAP binding to use, can be either 'document' (default value) or 'rpc'.

Transport - The URI with the specification for HTTP transmission of SOAP data.

HTTP Extension Properties

Verb - Indicates whether the HTTP request will be made using the 'GET' or 'POST' method.


The WSDL code for a simple SOAP Binding to a Port Type named NewPortType:

<binding name="NewBinding" type="tns:NewPortType">

    <soap:binding transport="" />

    <operation name="NewOperation">

        <soap:operation soapAction="" />


            <soap:body />



            <soap:body />


        <fault />