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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Graphical Representation


    The Port element is an endpoint for the Web Service and is referenced by an address.


    A Port can be added to a Service using the right click context menu.


    Binding - The Port's Binding.
    Name - The name of the Port.
    Protocol - The Port's protocol set by the Port's Binding extension.
    Required - Indicates whether the Extension is necessary for the action to which it refers.

    SOAP Extension Properties

    Location - The URI for the Port.

    HTTP Extension Properties

    Location - The URI for the Port. 


    The WSDL code for a simple Service containing a Port bound to a SOAP Binding named NewBinding:

    <service name="NewService">

        <port name="NewPort" binding="tns:NewBinding">

            <soap:address location="" />