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    Welcome to Liquid Studio

    The Liquid Studio product suite includes a graphical XML development environment that will simplify the development of XML Schema, JSON Schema, XML Documents and JSON Documents in your enterprise. Along with a variety of graphical and text editors, it also provides Web Services tools, a Data Mapping tool for transforming Database, EDI, Text File, Web Service and XML data, a Data Differencing tool for comparing XML, JSON and Text files, and a powerful Code Generator.

    Liquid Studio features include:

    Graphical XML Schema (XSD) Editor

    Graphical JSON Schema (JSON) Editor

    Graphical XML Document Editor

    Graphical Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) Editor

    Web Service Client

    Graphical Data Mapper

    XQuery and XSLT Step Through Debuggers

    Data Differencing Tool

    Getting Started

    The following simple Tutorial provides a quick overview to create an XML Schema using Liquid XML Studio: 

    Creating your first XML Schema

    Get to know the Liquid XML Studio User Interface:

    Liquid XML Studio User Interface Guide

    View a detailed list of the Liquid XML Studio graphical notations for XML Schema:

    Liquid XML Studio Graphical Notations for XML Schema

    Learn about the W3C XML Schema standard:

    W3C XML Schema Tutorial

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