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XML Editor / XPath Builder
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    XPath Builder
    In This Topic

    The XPath builder allows makes it possible to quickly get the XPath expressions that describes a given element within the XML document.

    The builder allows filtering rules to be applied at each XML element level, up to the selected element.

    Step 1

    Select the element in the XML document, using the context (right click) menu select "Build XPath Expression".

    XPath Builder - Select Node


    Step 2

    Change the filters in the query to suite your requirements.

    In the example shown below we will only match book elements for a specific ISBN number.

    XPath Builder

    Step 3

    Once the expression is accepted, the results of the query are displayed in the XML Editor, using the XPath Query Builder Window.

    XPath Builder - Results

    It is now possible to change the expression further, and visualize the results.

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