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    Projects Overview
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    Liquid XML Studio projects are contains that allow you to group related files. The project contains a Project 'Root' node that represents the physical project file, and a tree of 'Group' nodes and 'File' nodes. A representation of the project tree can be seen in the Project Window.

    The 'Group' nodes represent a logical placeholder for sub-groups and files. The 'File' nodes represent physical files on disk. There are no limits as to which files can go into which groups, i.e. files from many different folders can be placed inside the same group.

    The 'File' nodes are shown in the project tree with their associated image. Clicking the file node will show the files properties in the Properties Window. Double clicking the file will open it within the appropriate editor view. If the project has been associated with source control, the file status indicator will also be shown next to each file.

    Project files are stored with the file extension '.lxsproj'. These files can be added to source control along with the containing project files.

    Temporary hidden project option files are also created with file extension 'lxsopt'. These temporary files should not be stored in source control and can be discarded.


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