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    Generating Documentation
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    You can generate HTML documentation for your JSON Schema using the Liquid JSON Schema Documentation Generator. It is only accessible when an JSON Schema file is the selected document, and can be invoked using the tool bar icon (), via the menu (Tools->Generate Documentation) or via the command line.

    The generator can output your documentation in the following formats

    If you select custom templates then it is possible to provide a set of XSLT stylesheets that will be used to generate your documentation, the HTML and ASP.Net templates are provided as a starting point for this. See Custom XSD Documentation Templates for more information.


    When you select the Schema Documentation Generator tool, a wizard is provided to guide you through the process.


    You must select the type of documentation to generate,



    Output Directory

    The directory where the documentation files will be placed. This process can create a lot of files so it is recommended that you select an empty folder.

    Include DISQUS commenting

    Commenting allows users to place comments against each documentation page, this can be useful when a schema is being designed, or can show usage notes etc. To use the commenting system you will need to create a free DISQUS account (visit The Thread ID qualifies each page within your mini-site making the comments unique to it.




    Pressing Finish will start the documentation generation, this can take a little time if your schema is very large. The output folder should be opened when the process completes.


    Documentation can also be generated from the command line