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JSON Schema Editor / JSON Schema Editor Command Line Interface
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    JSON Schema Editor Command Line Interface
    In This Topic

    Generating JSON Schema Documentation

    The documentation Generation can be run from the command line. In order to do this the /XsdDoc argument must be specified.

    /JsonSchemaDoc Generates HTML documentation for a json schema.
    /JsonSchemaDocType=Html|Pdf|Custom The type of documents to generate.
    /JsonSchemaDocTemplate=<xslt file> If JsonSchemaDocType=Custom then this is the XSLT file used to perform the documentation generation.
    /JsonSchemaDocOut=<outputDir> The full path where the documentation files will be written.
    /JsonSchemaDocTitle=<title>  The title of the documentation.
    [/JsonSchemaDocDesc=<desc>] The description of the documentation.
    [/JsonSchemaDocSchemas=<url>]   Additional schemas, separated by ; or a JsonSchemaDocSchemas parameter for each schema.

    Parameter values passed to transform.

    Built in values:
              DisqusShortName:<Disqus username>
              DisqusThreadID:<Disqus thread UID>
    Note : Multiple parameters can be added on the command line.

    [/JsonSchemaDocNoCode] Excludes the code section from the output.
    [/JsonSchemaDocNoRef] Excludes the references section from the output
    [/JsonSchemaDocQRefs:true/false] Qualify references with the source Uri, default true if schemas > 1


    Example - Generate HTML Documentation:
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    XmlStudio.exe C:\Schemas\MySchema.jsons /JsonSchemaDoc 
    /JsonSchemaDocType=Html /JsonSchemaDocOut="C:\My Output" /JsonSchemaDocTitle="My Schema" /Close


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