Liquid Studio 2020
Options (JSON Reader Wizard)

This wizard page allows you to infer a JSON Schema from a sample JSON document.

Sample JSON filename

A JSON file containing data that is representative of the data you intend to load. The better the sample data the better the results.

As far as possible ensure that the file contains all the possible combinations of data you expect to see, and try to show objects with and without optional fields.

If your data is very complex you may need to refine the results afterwards using the JSON Schema Editor.

JSON Schema filename

The generated JSON Schema fill be written here.

JSON Schema Encoding

The encoding used to write the JSON Schema.

Force Required

Makes objects definitions required/mandatory if it that has not been identified as optional. If this is not set then all objects are declared as optional.

Infer Enums

When checked the values within objects and arrays are generated as Enumerated values using the unique values in the sample document.

so if an array contained ["true", "false", "false", "false", "true" ] this would be inferred as an enumeration with the values "true", "false".

This option works well on large sample documents, but on small sample sets it can cause the creation of values as enumerations, when in fact they should contain free text.

Infer Enum Tolerance

A tolerance factor for determining if a set of values can be considered an enumeration or free text.

They will be considered an enumeration if (NoOfSamples/UniqueValues) > InferEnumTolorence.

Array Rules

Default Additional Items

Indicates if additional items are allowed within the schemas definitions produced. This is a 3 state field.

Default Additional Properties

Indicates if additional properties are allowed within the schemas definitions produced. This is a 3 state field.

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