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Data Differencing Tool / Comparing JSON Files
In This Topic
    Comparing JSON Files
    In This Topic

    When the JSON Diff Tool is selected, the application will attempt to open the files as JSON documents and use the JSON Differencing Engine to compare them.

    If the files are not valid JSON Documents, the Text Diff Tool will automatically be selected, and the Text Differencing Engine will be used.


    JSON Patch

    JSON Patch is a standard format for describing changes to a JSON document and is defined by the IEFT in document RFC6902.

    You can save a JSON Patch file from the menu item File->Save Diffgram.

    Example JSON Patch File:

        "op": "remove",
        "path": "/bookstore/book/1"
        "op": "replace",
        "path": "/bookstore/book/0/@price",
        "value": "7.99"


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