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    Web Service Browser Wizard - Select a WSDL or WADL File
    In This Topic

    Select a WSDL or WADL File

    First you must select the web service type you want to look at (WSDL, WADL or User Defined Web Service - see below) using the radio buttons at the top of the page.

    You then need to specify the URL that returns the WSDL or WADL for the web service.

    For .Net web services, this of the form http://ServerName/Service.asmx?WSDL

    You can also select a local file e.g C:\temp\Service.wsdl

    You can test the web service your have specified is valid using the "Test" button.

    For those just curious about the tool, we have supplied a simple web service which allows you to explore the functionality of the Web Service Test Client. To use this web service, click the "Use Liquid Technologies Sample Web Service" link button.

    If the service requires authentication, then you can add a user name and password.

    If you save the web service call then the password is not encrypted in the file.

    The Wizard will not allow you to move on until the web service URL is pointing at a valid WSDL file.

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