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In This Topic
    Critical Error Dialog
    In This Topic

    If things go wrong you are likely to see this window.

    Typically the application recovers from such errors, and will continue to function normally, but it's always a good idea to save your work at this point!

    In order to allow us to diagnose and fix the problem you have just encountered.
    Please include as much information about the problem as you can.
    It is much easier for use to fix the problem if we can reproduce it. So if you can consistently make the error occur tell us how you do it, and include all the files that are needed (including any imported or included ones).

    An error report like this allows use to find and fix the problem.

    1. Opened the application
    2. Loaded sample1.xsd (attached)
    3. Deleted the element Address->Post code
    4. Application Crashed.

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