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User Interface Guide / Keyboard Shortcuts By Category
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    Keyboard Shortcuts By Category
    In This Topic

    File Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Close File Ctrl+F4 File
    New File Ctrl+N File
    New Project Ctrl+Shift+N File
    Open File Ctrl+O File
    Open Project Ctrl+Shift+O File
    Print Ctrl+P File
    Save Ctrl+S File
    Save All Ctrl+Shift+S File

    Edit Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Comment Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Edit
    Copy Ctrl+C Edit
    Cut Ctrl+X Edit
    Delete Del Edit
    Find Ctrl+F Edit
    Find In Files Ctrl+Shift+F Edit
    Find Next F3 Edit
    Find Next Selected Ctrl+F3 Edit
    Find Previous Shift+F3 Edit
    FindText Ctrl+Num / Edit
    Format Document Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D Edit
    Format Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F Edit
    Go To Ctrl+G Edit
    Move Next Bookmark Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N Edit
    Move Previous Bookmark Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P Edit
    Paste Ctrl+V Edit
    Redo Ctrl+Y Edit
    Remove All Bookmarks Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L Edit
    Replace Ctrl+H Edit
    Toggle Bookmark Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K Edit
    Uncomment Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Edit
    Undo Ctrl+Z Edit

    View Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Collapse All Ctrl+M, Ctrl+A View
    Collapse Selection Ctrl+M, Ctrl+S View
    Expand All Ctrl+M, Ctrl+X View
    Expand Selection Ctrl+M, Ctrl+E View
    Full Screen Shift+Alt+Enter View
    Navigate Backward BrowserBack View
    Navigate Forward BrowserForward View
    Navigate to Definition F12 View
    Select All Ctrl+A View
    Select None Ctrl+M, Ctrl+D View
    Show Database Explorer Ctrl+Alt+D View
    Show Documentation Ctrl+D View
    Show Error List Ctrl+E View
    Show Output Ctrl+Alt+O View
    Show Project Explorer Ctrl+Alt+L View
    Show Properties F4 View
    Toggle Expansion Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M View
    Toggle Selection Ctrl+M, Ctrl+V View
    Zoom In Ctrl+Num + View
    Zoom Out Ctrl+Num - View

    Macro Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Macro Playback Ctrl+Shift+P Macro
    Macro Record Start/Stop Toggle Ctrl+Shift+R Macro

    Validation Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Validate F7 Validation

    Help Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Contents F1 Help

    Debugger Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Compile Ctrl+Shift+B Debugger
    ConfigureDebugger Shift+F2 Debugger
    DebuggerPause Ctrl+Break Debugger
    DebuggerRun F5 Debugger
    DebuggerStepInto F11 Debugger
    DebuggerStepOut Shift+F11 Debugger
    DebuggerStepOver F10 Debugger
    DebuggerStop Alt+F5 Debugger
    DebuggerToggleBreakPoint F9 Debugger
    Execute Shift+F5 Debugger

    XML Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Schema Used to Validate XML Ctrl+F7 XML

    XSD Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add All Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L XSD
    Add Alternative Ctrl+J, Ctrl+V XSD
    Add Any Ctrl+J, Ctrl+Y XSD
    Add Any Attribute Ctrl+J, Ctrl+J XSD
    Add Assert Ctrl+J, Ctrl+T XSD
    Add Attribute Ctrl+J, Ctrl+A XSD
    Add Attribute Group Ctrl+J, Ctrl+P XSD
    Add Choice Ctrl+J, Ctrl+H XSD
    Add Complex Type Ctrl+J, Ctrl+C XSD
    Add Element Ctrl+J, Ctrl+E XSD
    Add Group Ctrl+J, Ctrl+G XSD
    Add Key Ctrl+J, Ctrl+K XSD
    Add KeyRef Ctrl+J, Ctrl+R XSD
    Add Notation Ctrl+J, Ctrl+N XSD
    Add Open Content Ctrl+J, Ctrl+O XSD
    Add Sequence Ctrl+J, Ctrl+Q XSD
    Add Simple Type Ctrl+J, Ctrl+S XSD
    Add Unique Ctrl+J, Ctrl+U XSD
    Find References Shift+F12 XSD
    Rename F2 XSD

    Debug Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Collapses the selected node Alt+C Debug
    Expands the selected node Alt+E Debug

    XHTML Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Bold Ctrl+B XHTML
    Italic Ctrl+I XHTML
    Preview Document in Web Browser F9 XHTML
    Underline Ctrl+U XHTML

    JSON Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Set Validation Schema Ctrl+F7 JSON

    WSDL Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add Binding Ctrl+J, Ctrl+B WSDL
    Add Message Ctrl+J, Ctrl+M WSDL
    Add Message Part Ctrl+J, Ctrl+G WSDL
    Add Operation Ctrl+J, Ctrl+E WSDL
    Add Operation Fault Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L WSDL
    Add Operation Input Ctrl+J, Ctrl+I WSDL
    Add Operation Output Ctrl+J, Ctrl+U WSDL
    Add Port Ctrl+J, Ctrl+P WSDL
    Add Port Type Ctrl+J, Ctrl+T WSDL
    Add Service Ctrl+J, Ctrl+V WSDL
    Rebind All Ctrl+J, Ctrl+R WSDL
    Rebind to Port Type Ctrl+R WSDL
    Show XSD Alt+X WSDL

    WSDL2 Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add Binding Ctrl+J, Ctrl+B WSDL2
    Add Endpoint Ctrl+J, Ctrl+P WSDL2
    Add HTTP Header Ctrl+J, Ctrl+H WSDL2
    Add Interface Ctrl+J, Ctrl+T WSDL2
    Add Interface Fault Ctrl+J, Ctrl+K WSDL2
    Add Operation Ctrl+J, Ctrl+E WSDL2
    Add Operation Infault Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L WSDL2
    Add Operation Input Ctrl+J, Ctrl+I WSDL2
    Add Operation Outfault Ctrl+J, Ctrl+M WSDL2
    Add Operation Output Ctrl+J, Ctrl+U WSDL2
    Add Service Ctrl+J, Ctrl+V WSDL2
    Add Soap Header Block Ctrl+J, Ctrl+O WSDL2
    Add Soap Module Ctrl+J, Ctrl+D WSDL2
    Rebind All Ctrl+J, Ctrl+R WSDL2
    Rebind to Interface Ctrl+R WSDL2
    Show XSD Alt+X WSDL2

    DataMapper Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add Above Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow DataMapper
    Add Below Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow DataMapper
    Auto Layout Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D DataMapper
    Show Properties Shift+F4 DataMapper

    JsonSchema Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add Additional Array Items Ctrl+J, Ctrl+E JsonSchema
    Add Additional Properties Ctrl+J, Ctrl+I JsonSchema
    Add AllOf Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L JsonSchema
    Add AnyOf Ctrl+J, Ctrl+Y JsonSchema
    Add Array Item with no type (any) Ctrl+J, Ctrl+A JsonSchema
    Add Child Schema Ctrl+J, Ctrl+S JsonSchema
    Add Definition with no type (any) Ctrl+J, Ctrl+D JsonSchema
    Add Not Ctrl+J, Ctrl+N JsonSchema
    Add OneOf Ctrl+J, Ctrl+O JsonSchema
    Add Pattern Property Ctrl+J, Ctrl+T JsonSchema
    Add Property with no type (any) Ctrl+J, Ctrl+P JsonSchema
    Add Required Property Ctrl+J, Ctrl+R JsonSchema

    Project Keys

    Command Shortcut Scope
    Add existing project item Shift+Alt+A Project
    Add new project item Ctrl+Shift+A Project
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