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    Delimiters (Flat File Reader Wizard)
    In This Topic

    Delimited File Configuration

    If your file was delimitated, then the next screen allows you to define the rules used to read each field.

    The delimiters break the fields, it's possible to select a number of delimiters, but in practice the file normally only uses a tab or a comma.

    The "Fields are enclosed in quotes" property means that if the first char within a field is a quote then the value is considered to be everything up to the next quote. This makes it possible for a field to contain the delimiter character. If the field also needs to contain a quote char then 2 quote chars in a row are interpreted as a single quote.

    Data Field 1 Value Field 3 Value Field 3 Value Field 4 Value
    abc,123,xyz abc 123 xyz
    abc,"123",xyz abc 123 xyz
    abc,"1,23",xyz abc 1,23 xyz
    abc,1,23,xyz abc 1 2 xyz
    abc,"1""23",xyz abc 1"23 xyz
    abc,"1"23",xyz ERROR
    abc,1"23,xyz abc 1"23 xyz
    abc,"1""2,3",xyz abc 1"2,3 xyz


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