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    Properties - Structure (Text Reader Component)
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    Default Encoding

    The encoding used to decode the data read from the file into text if the encoding is not specifically identified within the file (see BOM).

    First line contains field headings

    If checked then the first line in the data file is ignored as it is assumed to contain the names of the columns

    Ignore invalid rows

    The transform does not stop when an invalid row is encounters, it just ignores it and moves onto the next line.

    Remove leading and trailing whitespace from each field

    If checked leading and trailing whitespace is removed from the field value i.e.

    Col1 ,  Col2 , Col3

    if checked the values are "Col1", "Col2", "Col3"

    if unchecked the values are "Col1 ", "  Col2 ", " Col3"

    Fields are enclosed in quotes

    When checked quotes are considered to be enclosing characters, i.e.

    "col 1 has a coma, would normally be seen as a separator", col 2

    By enclosing column 1 in quotes the ',' is treated as data not a separator.


    All the delimiters selected are treated as column separators unless they are enclosed in quotes (see Fields are enclosed in quotes).

    Edit Columns

    Allows the column definitions to be manually edited.