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    DataMapper Debugger Options C#
    In This Topic

    Controls the generation of C# code from a Data Mapper File.

    Generate C# Application - when checked, source code or a compiled library for the data mapping transform. If this is not checked, no source or compiled code will be produced and the transform will only run within Liquid Studio environment.

    Generate C# Source Code - if selected, source code is generated that will perform the transform.

    Project Type

    Class Library Project (.dll) - source code is generated for the data mapping transform.

    Class Library Project (.dll) and Command Line Test Application (.exe) - source code is also generated for a command line executable stub which will invoke the transform.

    Microsoft Azure Function Project - source code is generated for a Microsoft Azure Function to run the transform within Microsoft Azure.

    .Net Platform Options

    Development Environment - the version of Microsoft Visual Studio targeted by the generated project and solution.

    Target Platform - the version of .Net the code should target.

    Generate a Compiled Application (.exe)

     - if selected then a command line executable and transform dll library are generated allowing the transform to be executed from the command line or via code.

    Generate a Compiled Library (.dll) - if selected then only a library containing an implementation of the transform is compiled. This can be invoked from source code in your application.

    Application Name - the name of the command line program that will invoke the transform

    Library (.dll) Name - the name of the transform library (dll) that will contain the implementation of the transform.

    Library (.dll) Namespace - the C# namespace that the transform classes are placed into.

    Project Folder - the folder the source code or compiled code will be written to.


    The source/compiled code is generated when the compile button is pressed ().