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    DataMapper Debugger Options C#
    In This Topic

    Controls the generation of C# code from a Data Mapper File.

    Generate C# Application - if this is checked then a source or compiled library will be generated that can execute the transform. If this is not checked, no source or compiled code will be produced.

    Generate C# Source Code - If selected then source code is generated that will perform the transform.

    Include Test Application Source Code - if checked code is also generated for an command line executable stub which will invoke the transform.

    Generate a Compiled application - If selected then a command line executable and transform dll library are generated allowing the transform to be executed from the command line or via code.

    Generate a Compiled Library - If selected then only a library containing an implementation of the transform is compiled. This can be invoked from source code in your application.

    Application Name - the name of the command line program that will invoke the transform

    Library Name - the name of the transform library (dll) that will contain the implementation of the transform.

    Library Namespace - the C# namespace that the transform classes are placed into.

    Project Folder - the folder the source code or compiled code will be written to.

    Development Environment - the version of Visual Studio to create any Project/Solution files for

    Target Platform - The version of .Net the code should target


    The source/compiled code is generated when the compile button is pressed ().