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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Function Name
    Input Parameter
    Data Type
    Defines an input parameter to the transform.
    None -
    Value The data value provided to the transform
    Name String name to display within the Mapper
    Parameter Name The name of the parameter name used when setting the it in code or via a command line argument
    Parameter Description The description of the parameter added as a comment or provided as documentation via the command line /help
    Parameter Type The data type of the parameter value
    Parameter Cardinality Required/Optional indicates if the parameter must be specified by the calling code or the via the command line. If the parameter is optional then a default value may be supplied which is used if the parameter is not specified by the caller. If it is marked Required then the transform will fail if the parameter is not supplied by the caller.
    Default Value The value used if the caller does not supply a value (only applies when the parameter is marked as optional).


    The Input Parameter Value component allows the caller to provide a single data value for use within mapping functions. Depending on the target platform for the transform the input parameter may be passed in the form of an argument via a C# call or as an XSLT input parameter or as a command line argument.


    Possible data types for Constant Values include: Binary, Boolean, Byte, DateTime, DateTimeOffset, Decimal, Double, Float, Guid, Int16, Int32, Int64, SByte, String, Time and Node.
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