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    xs:all, xs:choice or xs:sequence


    Liquid XML Objects
    Liquid XML Objects is a class generator, creating strongly typed classes from an XML schema.


    schema set
    A set of XML Schema files that are loaded and used as a single set. The contained XSDs could be related (use share common files) or unrelated, be 2 or more completely different schemas.


    XML Data Model
    A class library based on an XML Schema (XSD) that provides strongly typed classes and properties that mirror the structure of the XML Document. Using an XML Data Model makes it possible to work with complex XML documents via a simple class library.

    XML document
    A text document containing hierarchical data, which is marked up using the W3C's Extensible Markup Language.

    XML Schema
    A meta data document that describes the 'shape' of an XML instance document. It determines the names of the elements, which child elements/attributes are allowed and provides range validation on values.