com.liquid_technologies.ltxmllib16..XmlObjectInterface Class
The base interface for all XML objects, everything should implement this interface

Much of the functionality underlying this interface is implemented in XmlObjectBase.

Base Classes:
Implemented interfaces: Serializable, Cloneable
  Members Description  
    clone Creates a 'deep' copy of the object  
    getBase Gets the XmlObjectBase that all Xml objects must derive from.  
    getNamespace Gets the namespace of the current class  
    getTargetNamespace Gets the target namespace for the current XML document  
    fromXml Reads data into the object, from an XML string  
    fromXmlElement Reads data into the object, from a pre-parsed XML Document.  
    fromXmlFile Reads XML data data the object, from a file  
    fromXmlStream Reads XML from a java stream.  
    toXml Turns the object into an XML string  
    toXmlFile Turns the object into XML, and writes it to a file  
    toXmlStream Turns the object into a XML (as a byte array)